Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Are your products authentic?

Yes, all our merchandise are officially licensed products. Most of which come from Japan

Why should I pre-order?

Pre-ordering products especially figurines secures your stock as these items can easily sell out rather quickly.

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With all new registrations we need to “approve” your account first before you can login to your account. This is to minimise spam. This does not affect the order you may have placed. 

Can I track my order?

Yes, we provide you with tracking numbers which you can track on Australia’s Post website.

Will you part ship my order if some items come in?

We can part ship orders if requested but we will send you a separate postage bill that needs to be paid before shipping.

Why did I receive a bill in my mail asking to pay for fees?

These are most likely your own customs charges. Every country has their own import taxes and fees.
Please enquire with them if you have any concerns.

Do you ship anywhere?

We ship worldwide but there are some restrictions. Please contact us if your country does not appear on our system.

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Pack and Track is the standard international postage service that includes tracking. It is not available to all countries. Delivery time is typically 7 – 14 business days depending on location.

Express Post is a lot faster and available to most locations. It is also the default postage service when your order reaches 2kg. Delivery time is typically 3-5 business days depending on location.

The release date has passed but I still have not received my item.

The item release dates we advertise are only estimates and not accurate. Sometimes items get delayed with production and we do not update on time. Sometimes our shipment gets delayed and do not receive our shipment on time. Please contact us if you need more information with regards to your order.

I've accidently broken my item, can you help?

Unfortunately when you break your item we can not do much other than offer you a replacement item at a much lower cost. We will however need to see evidence of this first. You can try to fix it yourself or you can also try to contact the manufacturer for replacement parts but we can not act as “middlemen” and try to do it for you. 

Can you get in other items not listed?

Yes, we can always source in other items. Just email us with details and we will try to find them for you.

Unit 13, 17 Lorraine St. Peakhurst NSW 2210

Contact Animeworks

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Warehouse Address

Unit 13, 17 Lorraine st Peakhurst NSW 2210

We have showroom where you can buy direct from our warehouse. Please contact us before coming in to make sure we are not closed because of a convention or something else. 

Christmas Business Hours

Fri 21    – 10am-4pm
Sat 22   – 10am-2pm
Sun 23 –  10am-2pm
Mon 24 – 10am-6pm
Tue 25 – Closed
Wed 26 – Closed
Thu 27 – 11am-2pm
Fri 28- 1st Jan – Closed

Business Hours

Mon-Fri – 10am-4pm

Please note as we attend many conventions per year we are closed a lot of the time. Please contact us to check whether we are available.