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Good Smile focuses on the planning, production and manufacturing of figures, toys and accessories. We work with the very best in the industry to plan out the best possible projects. Backed up with advanced technology to bring the most detailed products through each and every stage of their production. The planning, sculpting and production are each checked constantly to ensure the final product lives up to the Good Smile Company name.

Beyond the careful craftsmanship of our products, there is also a team of experts dedicated to advertising and business management. We ensure that all products are released in perfect order.

In recent years, we have also started expanding into the overseas market, as well as teaming up with foreign artists to release collaboration products. We also operate an anime-themed cafe.

Official Partner Shop

Animeworks is an official partner shop of Good Smile Company. We import majority of Figurines and other merchandise that Good Smile Company distribute. Good Smile collaborate with companies like Orange Rouge and Max Factory to bring you the ever popular Nendoroid and figma series.

Other brands that Good Smile Distribute are Phat!, FREEing, Aquamarine and more. We have links below to all these manufacturers.

Animeworks is dedicated to bringing you the latest figurines at the best prices. You can take advantage of our special pre-order pricing, Reward Points system and our easy Payment Plans.

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