Payment Plans (Lay-by)

At Animeworks, we know when you see something you like you just want us to shut up and take your money, however sometimes you just don’t have enough money. So we want to help.

We have introduced easy Payment Plans (Lay-by) for items $150 and over. 

Payment Terms

We have 3,4,5 and 6 months payment plans. We specify the plan for each individual item depending on its value. Most items will be on a 3 months payment plan, the more expensive the higher the term. Items that will have a 6 months term will be $1000+ items which of course are quite rare. All payment plans require a 20% deposit up front plus delivery.

How does it work?

For products eligible for payment Plans you will see an option to purchase the item on a payment plan rather in full. You will be required to pay a 20% deposit and the rest in instalments until the balance is paid in full. Depending on the plans term, payments will either be in fortnightly or monthly increments. You will be provided a payment plan schedule with dates for your next due payments. This will secure your stock and make your next figurine purchase more affordable. 

Can I pay more in instalments?

Yes but it has to be equal to a specific number of instalments specified in the plan. For eg. if you have 5 instalments to go at $23.15 each and you want to pay more than $23.15 on a specific due date, you can either pay $46.3, $69.45, $92.6 and so on. Otherwise our accountant will go nuts and send you an angry Pusheen emoji on your phone.

Can I cancel my plan and get a refund?

No, please be very careful when committing to purchase an item either in full or on a plan. We do not cancel or refund deposits or purchases. We only refund items that are damaged, incorrectly sent or not as described. There is no exception. We have created these plans to make it a lot more affordable to buy your next figure, we know how expensive they can be and this is designed to help you.

If I forget to pay an instalment, will you send my item back to Japan?

No but we will contact you with regards to your missing payment. If we don’t hear from you or receive a payment in a reasonable amount of time we will cancel your order and you will lose whatever deposit(s) you have made. Please contact us with regards to payment issues but remember these plans were designed to make it easier to pay off an item so there will not be much leniency.