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Asta - Exclusive Bonus Version

Asta - Exclusive Bonus Version

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Estimate Release Date: 30/9/2025

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Prime 1 Studio is very proud to present you another fan-favorite in the Concept Masterline Series: the 1/6 scale CMBC-01EXS Asta Exclusive Bonus Version from Black Clover!

In a world where magic is prevalent, little orphan Asta was unfortunately born without any magical powers or the ability to use mana. He therefore compensates by developing incredible physical strength, agility, and endurance through rigorous training. As he stumbles upon the five-leaf clover grimoire, granting him the power of anti-magic, this marks the beginning of his journey as a mage with the ability to nullify magical attacks and sends him on his quest to become the Wizard King.

Our talented artisans take joy in bringing you this 20-inches tall recreation of Black Asta, a form that he later attains as he becomes stronger in the series. Tapping into his full potential and pushing his anti-magic abilities to their limits, Asta now takes on a formidable form, granting him not only increased strength and speed but also the ability to fly, as portrayed by the single obsidian wing. As anti-magic courses through his body, part of his hair also turns black as well as gaining a horn on the right side of his head. Our artisans have given him a battle-ready dynamic pose as he prepares to lunge toward his opponents, his trusty Demon Slayer sword at the ready. As he taps within his unique grimoire, the overflowing energy fiercely erodes magic around him beautifully recreated through the black and red swirls of energy surrounding Asta. The Exclusive Version adds a swappable head-part featuring a shouting Asta as he channels his powers.

When you order the Bonus version through our official store or any other authorized distributor, you will receive a third swappable head-part, featuring a confident smile.

Whether you are a fan of the Black Clover series or an anime collector, this action-packed piece will surely earn a beautiful place in your collection. Pre-order the CMBC-01EXS Asta Exclusive Bonus Version now and step into the magical world of the Clover Kingdom!


  • Statue Size approximately 19.7 inches tall [H:50cm W:46cm D:29cm]
  • Black Clover-themed base
  • Two (2) Swappable head-parts (Normal and angry)
  • One (1) Bonus swappable head-part (Smile)[BONUS PART]

Product Size Approx.
H:50cm W:46cm D:29cm

Weight 6.4 kg