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My Neighbor Totoro Rorys Story Cubes

My Neighbor Totoro Rorys Story Cubes

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My Neighbor Totoro Rorys Story Cubes (Board Game)

My Neighbor Totoro Rorys Story Cubes (Board Game) by Ensky.

Make a story using the illustrations of the eyes that are rolled out of 9 dice. You don't have to make a story with the illustration as it is, you can continue with something that makes you imagine.

First, try 3 pieces, then 6 pieces, and once you get used to it, try 9 pieces.
You can also enjoy it as a communication tool at home.

Connect the illustrations of the cubes and create a story that imagines a story that is likely to occur in the world of Totoro.


[how to play]

Shake the cube and first find the cube with the illustration that imagines the scene or character, and start with [It's a story of one day ~], and then make a story after [Totoro ga ~] and [At home ~]. I will.

Play with 9 cubes. (If it's difficult to make a story, you can try it with 3 or 6 cubes)

You don't have to use the picture as it is in the illustration, but you can replace it with something or people that you can associate with.

There is no wrong answer, so feel free to connect the stories.

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